Ankle & Foot Tests

Special Tests for Ankle and Foot (Alphabetical Order)

Click on the Name of the Special Test to go to its Page (includes Purpose, Procedure, Video Demo, Technique, Positive Sign):
Anterior Drawer Test (Ankle)
Babinski’s Test
Deltoid Ligament Stress Test
Functional Leg Length Test
Heel Thump Test
Homan’s Sign
Leg to Heel and Forefoot to Heel Alignment Tests
Morton’s Neuroma
Neutral Position of the Talus
Posterior Drawer Test (Ankle)
Pes Planus Test (Functional or Structural)
Ramirez’s Test
Talar Tilt Test
Thompson’s Test / Simmond’s Test (Achilles Tendon rupture)
Tibial Torsion Test
Tinel’s Sign (Ankle)