Orthopedic Exam / Special Tests for Physical Therapy: HIP Tests / PELVIS Tests

Hip pathology can cause symptoms anywhere around the joint, though frequently pain is anterior and radiates to the groin region. Additionally, pathology outside of the hip can be referred to this region.

Special Test: FABER Test (Figure 4 Test)

FABER stands for Flexion, Abduction and External Rotation.


  •  Testing for hip joint pathology, lumbar and SI (sacroiliac) pathologies, and psoas muscle shortness/spasm. 

Video Demo Instructions, Procedure, Positive Test:

Special Test: FABER Test(Figure 4 Test): Video Demo (Procedure below)


Special Test: Faber Test: FABER Test (Figure 4 Test): PROCEDURE:

  •     Patient is supine and their legs are extended
  •     Place patient’s foot of the affected side on the other knee

Special Test: Faber Test: FABER Test (Figure 4 Test): POSITIVE SIGN:

  • The affected hip stays above level of the unaffected knee.

• Sensitivity for identification of hip
pathology identified with arthroscopy: 0.89
• Correlation of positive test with OA on radiographs: r = 0.54
• Kappa (95% Confidence interval): 0.63 (0.43-0.83), Kappa Maximum: 0.83,
Percent agreement: 84%, Prevalence: 0.37, Bias: 0.07
• Diagnostic value of FABER test compared to MR arthrogra¬phy in labral tear
diagnostics: sensitivety: 41%, specificity: 100%, positive predictive value:
100%, negative predictive value: 9%