Helfet’s Test

Special Tests for Physical Therapy: KNEE

Helfet’s Test:


  • To test for the dynamic rotary function of the Tibia (possible torn meniscus or injured cruciate ligament)

Helfets Test:PROCEDURE:

• Patient is seated, with their legs hanging over the edge of the table
• Patient’s knees flexed to 90° (so the tibial tuberosity is perpendicular to the midline of the patella)
• Therapist slowly extend the patient’s knee
• As the knee is slowly extended, therapist observes the relative alignment of the tibial tuberosity to the midline of the patella.

Helfet’s Test: POSITIVE TEST:

  • Absense of slight lateral tibial motion = this positive sign may indicate that a torn meniscus or injured cruciate ligament is physically blocking the knee extension.