Knee Tests

Special Tests for the Knee (Alphabetical Order)

Click on the Name of the Special Test to go to its Page (includes Purpose, Procedure, Video Demo, Technique, Positive Sign):
Apley’s Compression Test
Apley’s Distraction Test
Bragard’s Sign
Coronary Ligamentous Stress Test
Clarke’s Patellofemoral Grind Test
Gravity Drawer Test (aka Posterior Sign)
Helfet’s Test
Lachman’s Test
McConnell’s Test
McMurray’s Test
Major Effusion Test (aka Ballottable Patella)
Minor Joint Effusion Test (aka Brush Test)
Noble’s Test
Patellar Apprehension Test
Q (Quadriceps) Angle
True Tibia and Femur Length Test
Valgus Stress Test of the Knee
Varus Stress Test of the Knee
Waldron’s Test